Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Oooohayhey - More to say:
For some months me and my sister have had a relentless war over the brand "Lipsmacker", my aunt now owns the brand and often brings us this poisen in high quantities, it's thoughtful but is it really necessary? The smell the detangler leaves in te bathroom after coco (my sister for those who don't know) has had a tantie about her curly hair and eventual sprayed a shitload of this toxic shite through her crazed blonde mop. I have to enter this polluted area to finish my hair and makeup and whatever els I haveto go through in the
morning, with my gas mask and a full silver suit to repell the smell! Anyway, my reason for telling you all his is because today in the supermarket, coco spied the most rediculous thing since the invention of scillicon bras - wait for it - lipsmacker yoghurt.

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