Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Honestly, my reason Blogging now in it's ghastly entirety is that I am bored to deAth.
I just watched a movie though, it gaveout the vibe that it was a whacky Tim Burton film but I'm not sure because I can't be arsed checking the cover, it was a childrens movie but I got scared shitless in some scenes - I thunk adults and young adults will enjoy it more than the age it wad intended for. The movie was Coraline and I thoughraly enjoyed it, so, do grace you eyes with this film as it is very visually impressive.


  1. ahh Lil!
    that was written by Neil Gaiman- suggest you check his books out!
    buttons for eyes!

  2. Wasn't Tim Burton but was directed by the guy who directed Nightmare Before christmas (which Tim Burton wrote and produced). Nice blog by the way!