Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oooh! We are in them damn fine double digits.

Iv just noted how ridiculously similar all the house along this ferral freeway ate. It's much same as the ones along that popular highway (...) and they all have their own tennis courts, swimming pools and home cinemas. This states an obvious thing: these people never converse with each other as they do in the adds, they must be such antisocial people! All the adds are about how great the flipping "community", that group of freaks are all about having bigger and better plasmers than their tightarse nieghbors, And you wouldn't go to your tightarse nieghbors ugly brick home - that could be, in freak language, an admitance to defeat - Nono, that must spend their time in Hardly Normal buying new majestic appliances. It is all intensly depressing.

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