Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hi There, Again. So sorry.

Ok, lets get boilin'.

This is my future husband.

He goes by the title of Tom Sturrige.

Anyway, I highly loath the new Gi Joe movie, In the words of a pro reviewer, 'It is the worst movie i have ever seen in my whole life' And mind you, that pro reviewer wasnt me. But really, save yourself! What i had to go through wasn't that bad, because we had 24 cans of soda to 1/2 drink an then boot down the seats.., But seeing as not many people are that rude, I'm assuming you are not that rude, please for the love of everything unholy- or holy, whichever you choose- do not ever see this movie, Unless you are in the mood for a few 'try this one out for size boys' lines and lots of piss taking afterwoods, then fine go see it.

Listen to the WHORES

Utter brilliance.

Oh yeah, and mention me and my blog if you befriend them.

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