Sunday, May 24, 2009


So, Here i am again: to hopefuly brighten the lives of you surfs...

Now, I shall explain myself.

- The reason i haven= not been Blogging is, (in Dot Point format, very classy)

  • My life is so increadibly boring, and i have had nothing to write about.

  • Even though my life may be boring, I have no time to write due to homework.

  • My parents are tight about my intake of electronics.

  • I hate to say it, but Myspace is funner.

So there you have it, my pretty sad reasons for not writing...

Ah yes, Overheard.

Accidental Exchange for the lyrics of the terrible song 'This Aint a Scene its a God Damn Arms Race', by the terrible Fall Out Boy. My Friends sister thought it was 'This Aint an Emu its a God Damn Ostrich!'

Now, to put words in Larrys mouth.

'I think that you should recognise that, Lily, Godess of Magic, Is not peeping at you from her bed and saying, 'No, not now, later..' *wearily*! She is NOt! i tell you now that she cares about you so much that she has made an email account to recieve ideas for this Fun-fun blog, and is expecting you to email her with high praise!'

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