Saturday, April 4, 2009


Howdy...My little earthlings, 'Tis I Colourbost the Crab... nah, its actually lily here, which is not a surprise... since larry doesn't exist and the blog's called Lily & Larry... yup theres me rambling on, i assume if you know me in person you will already be aware of that trait, but if you don't, well then, you better get used to it.

Olso, you rock my socks.

This morning me, my sister, my mum, and my cat were playing Monopoly and we were telling my sister to give me 2 dollars, after and incredible 5 minutes of stress and hardship, she finally said 'what? 4 four dollars?'. Oh God. The vagueness of our youth.

Playing with make-up is fun right?Yeah, well at the moment i'm obsessed with it. I asked for some good facepaints for christmas and Santa-man saw into the future, and saw pissed off my parents would get sooner or later, and said 'sure lil!', at first they posed as happy that i got my wish, But when they saw the good ol' vanity bason after after my trail of destruction made its course through the bathroom, they hit the roof, hurting their heads which made them even more furiuos! Can you imagine the beating i got: The splatter of the Blood! The crunching of the Bones!

'hey lil? can you wipe the sink?' 'sure' 'ok honey, love you!' 'love you too ma'

Last night i saw a fantastic movie, Baz Lurhmans Romeo and Juliet. It was just fantastic! i know everyones probably seen it already and i just hopped in the Purple Wiggles car, but really, how great is it?

I think id like to do something on consumerism (thanks Suum) but i really dont have have time now, i'll just edit this later.

Do's and Dont's or the rest of you life:

Do : Record your life in pictures. Imagine looking back on it?

Dont : Support Miley Cyrus. No further comment needed.
'God, I'm sweating like a petophile on a bouncy castle.' - Larry

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