Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Rain/ Storm/ Fuckin' intense shit man!/ E.O.T.W (End Of The World) - What ever you want to call...

Jesus Christ...

I'd just like to be myself - Cynical - For just a moment and crush your wet, yet warm and fuzzy hearts (YES YOU! The guy on Twitter, Who swam backstroke down Elizabeth St!)
EVERYONE! You should be wary , Frightened, Shitscared! DARLINGS YOU SHOULD PISSING YOUR SHRUNKEN PANTIES! For amidst all this joy and excitement, Lies an impressively inconvenient truth (Pun intended). This - My now poised with toilet paper roll in hand inhand friends - Is a warning, a sign, it is freak weather and it can't be good! But we are prepared, We all know what it means. We must ready ourselves! Put the toilet down and collect your senses! He Who Must Not Be Named hath been reborn!

But nah really, Just because it pissed down, It doesn't mean you can have more time to pretend your in the movie Singing In The Rain in the shower, Or water you hideous English rose garden.
Continue to save water peeps.

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